Bahrain Athletics Association Committees

Public Relations Committee

Head: Khalid Aldosseri
Members: Mansoor Habib

Introducing  the committee

It is one of the working committees in the Association. Its beginning was in November 2004 and it was formed on the basis of agreement between the board members to divide the administrative tasks between them to accomplish the tasks in the best way.

Committee Tasks

Receiving and biding farewell all association’s guests and arranging administrative affairs to the guests including transportation and housing. One of the most important committee’s tasks is to send all international, continental, Asian, gulf and local news to all local newspapers including Arabic and English ones. Arrange with the T.V to cover the association’s local activities as well as to arrange with some of the Gulf Televisions to cover the international championships. The committee has a special archive to the news and the association’s photos. The tasks also include calls with the concerned authorities in the general association to the youth and sports, public relations department to coordinate and arrange the association’s celebrations and championships


Talented Committee

It’s one of the association’s working committees formed by an administrative decision. The head was nominated by the administration. The committee members are from the ministry of education and some of the association’s coaches and some clubs and associations coaches. The committee consists of eleven members, each member scientifically qualified and meets the conditions of the committee formed by the criterion for selecting the members of the committee

Committee Tasks

To discover the talented at early stage and to take care of them from all psychological, academic, training aspects as well as providing them with creativity ways in the different sports fields in athletics as well as coordinating with the ministry of education for the success of the mission

How To Choose the Talented 

A special committee has been formed from the Gifted Committee to study the best ways to discover talented people, and this method is called (batteries). The programs are applied to the public and private schools. Competitions apply between students of each class then to choose the best competitors to the school’s championship.After the school’s championship to choose the best competitors of the talented to the governorate then the kingdom’s championship to select them among the national teams to represent Bahrain in the championships.