The association was established in 


Bahrain Athletics Association was established on Saturday November 3rd 1974, it was re-registered with number 3 on July 16th 1990 at the General organization for youth and sport in accordance to the law Number (21) of 1989. Bahrain Athletics Association has a basic system compatible with model regulation to the basic system of Sports Associations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Since its establishment, Bahrain Athletics Association has been through different stages on administrative and technical levels, on the technical level, the association was honored to join the Arab Athletics Association in 1975 then continental and international in 1976 and 1977.


On the technical level, since its establishment the association relied on distinguished experience at the training level. It began with the Egyptian training body, the American and Arab Maghreb all of them performed well. Hence, it ended up with an exceptional achievement; the champion Ahmad Jassim Hamada, the 400m hurdle champion recording 31.49 seconds in Asia and 17.14 in 110m in Arabia. And the Champion Khalid Jumaa the Arab champion and holder of the number 41.10 Seconds in 100 meters which was considered the fastest Arab sprinter in 1989. Both champions were the best evidence of the training efforts. In addition to that, a distinguished and arbitration cadres emerged from the people of Bahrain.

On September 23rd 1995, At exactly one o’clock this afternoon, the Bahraini player Abdulaziz Matar ascended the podium for the 200-meter championship, waving his hand to the masses who gathered to witness a new star and to listen to the national anthem of the Kingdom of Bahrain and watch the rise of the Bahraini flag flutter in the sky of Jakarta. The achievement of the Asian champion Abdul Aziz Matar is an achievement For Bahraini sports in general, and for athletics in particular, the eighteen-year-old achieved a remarkable achievement over the Chinese champion Huang and Japanese Osaka Da by finishing the race in a time of .76.20 second



As for the sport of higher levels, we can say that Ahmed Hamadeh, the former Asian champion who took the Asian and international podium, was not and will not be the only Bahraini champion who was honored with this achievement – Abdul Aziz Matar, another Asian champion and many of his colleagues will prove, God’s will , the truth of this talk and Bahraini numbers confirm that.

The champion Salim Nasser bakheet was able to achieve the silver medal in the high jump competition in the 12th Arab championship in Syria. The rising player Fatema Ebrahim was able to achieve the bronze medal in the Arab championship. The participation of Bahrain female players comes as the very first Gulf women’s team to participate in the fields of Arab athletics.