Bader Naser is running for membership in the International Association of Athletics Federations

The Bahrain Athletics Association decided to nominate the Treasurer and Chairman of the Public Relations & Media Committee Eng. Bader Naser, to engage in the International Association of Athletics Federations membership elections, which will be held during the Federation’s General Assembly meeting on August 17th on the sidelines of the World Athletics Championships in Hungary from 19th-27thAugust.

Eng. Badr Naser is running in the elections without considering the criteria of winning or losing, but rather highlighting the capabilities of Bahraini youth and actively participating in the elections to seek a seat for the Kingdom of Bahrain in one of the largest international sports federations.

Naser will engage in the coming election with ambitious and distinguished electoral program depending on his extensive administrative experience in the Athletics Association since 2012 and his representation of Bahrain in many courses and championships. In addition to his academic qualifications- (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering), a sports management diploma, distinguished relationships with many federations and personalities in the athletics field. He led several sports delegations, besides, appointing him as director of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s delegation to the Asian Games -Jakarta 2018, and having the honor of carrying the flag of the Kingdom at the opening ceremony. Moreover, he enjoyed the membership of the Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee in the last electoral cycle.

Naser aspires to enhance progress and comprehensiveness within the Association, develop athletics at the men’s and women’s levels alike, increase the number of competitions, establish international relations, ensure the financial sustainability of the association, diversify sources of income and sponsorship, and achieve the best administrative practices.
In his electoral campaign program he also focuses on developing talented athlete, building strategic partnerships, and developing athletics in various countries of the world as well.

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