Ruqaya Al Ghasra partakes in the General Meeting of the West Asian Athletics Association

The Bahrain Athletics Association participated in the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting of the West Asian Athletics Association, which was held in the sisterly State of Qatar, headed by Sayyar Al Anazi and in the presence of the President of the Asian Athletics Association, Major General Dahlan Al Hamad.

The Bahrain Athletics Association was represented by Board Member Ruqaya Al Ghasra. The meeting’s agenda included approving the minutes of the 4th meeting of the West Asian Association’s Board of Directors, approving the first executive office meeting of the Association, and then discussing the work of the Association’s working committees last year.

The meeting discussed the upcoming competitions of the Association and the host countries, and it was decided to hold the West Asian Championship from April 23th to 26th, 2023. The mechanism for participation in the upcoming contests was also discussed (accommodation of delegations – arrangements of the organizing countries – follow-up preparations before the competition). It was decided at the meeting to extend the Association’s membership to 2027, noting that Member of the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Athletics Association, Eng. Bader Naser, holds membership in the Association’s Executive Office, which means his continuation until 2027.

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