The Athletics Association organizes an awareness lecture on combating doping

Under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Abdullatif Fahd bin Jalal- the President of the Bahrain Athletics Association, the Bahrain Athletics Association organized an attentiveness lecture on anti-doping presented by Dr. Hussain Al-Haddad from the Bahrain Anti-Doping Agency (BNADO). The activity took place in the lecture hall at the Bahrain National Stadium, in the presence of a number of The Association’s Board of Directors members, Yusuf Ahmed the Secretary General, officials in various specialties and the male and female national team athletes.

Dr. Hussain Al-Haddad deliberated the most significant risks and challenges may be generated by the use of certain several stimulants by athletes. He also highlighted the most important banned substances that are proclaimed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) per annum and the importance of recognizing these substances and the most recent changes in order to avoid taking any new therapeutic drugs that may turn into Steroids.

He also pointed out the health risks resulting from stimulants and talked about the most important rules that a player should follow in various competitions, such as revealing samples, the importance of cooperating with examiners, and how to take samples. During the lecture, he presented many important concepts about this scourge and its negative risks to the player, health-wise and technically, in addition to what he is exposed to. The player faces sanctions that threaten his sports career.

The male and female athletes interacted with the valuable lecture presented by Dr. Hussain Al-Haddad by inquiring many questions that were answered with the aim of raising awareness and educating the athletes about combating the scourge of doping.

This lecture comes within the framework of the Bahrain Athletics Association’s purposeful efforts to educate athletes about the necessity of combating doping and battling this menace.

The Bahrain Athletics Association extends sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Khalid Al-Shaikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Anti-Doping Agency, CEO Mubarak Al Nafi’i, and Lecturer Dr. Hussain Al-Haddad for their cooperation in bestowing the lecture.

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