The high Jump Team at Faisal Bin Khalid Athletics Academy holds a training camp

The high jump team of the Faisal Academy for the Talented Athletes organized a preparatory camp for both Ahmed Sabri and Sayed Ahmed Zuhair the high jump team athletes accompanied by Hani Al Nuaimi the academy’s administrator in Kazakhstan, Karaganda region specifically to be fully ready for participating in the Arab Championship.

During their training sessions in the camp, Sayed Ahmed Zuhair took first place in his age group and jumped a distance of 165.60m, while Ahmed Sabri took second place in his age group and jumped a distance of 185.85m.

The two athletes got the maximum benefit from their participation in this competition, which motivated and introduced them to the reality of the official competition atmosphere, as they were being prepared for the upcoming Arab participation. Besides, qualifying them to high standard and emerging their technical abilities.

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