Marius Kimutai wins the Barcelona International Marathon

Marius Kimutai was crowned champion of the Barcelona International Marathon after he deservedly won first place to win the race, ahead of a group of the world’s most prominent runners.

Marius Kimutai was able to finish the race in 2:05:06 hours to set a new record in the Barcelona Marathon, beating the Moroccan competitor Othman El Kemari, who came second with 2:05:12 hours, and the Kenyan competitor Kaan Kigen Ozbilen, who came third with 2:05:37 hour.

The race witnessed a strong and tough competition between our champ Marius Kimutai and Othman El Kemari from Morocco until the final moments of the race before the former won by 6 seconds.

Marius Kimutai expressed his great happiness at achieving first place in one of the most difficult races, adding that “The race was not easy at all, but I was able to deal with it wonderfully. I was able to distribute my fitness reserves throughout the race distance and entered with good tactics. This result was the output of my efforts in the training sessions, and the support, and continuous follow-up of the technical staff guided me to win.

He added, “I hope that the Barcelona race title will be an incentive to continue giving in the rest of the upcoming competitions”.

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